Org Web Traffic Goes Nowhere

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Every time some PR flap blows up in the Church’s face, their reaction and response is both typical and predictable. Regardless of the details or circumstances, their damage control tactics have varied little over the years. However, because of the prolific expansion of internet activity, they’ve added a component to their clunky PR spin machine.

If nothing else, Scientology PR is good at making much out of nothing. Perhaps no better example of this is how they explain surges in their internet traffic. They’d have us believe that this is conclusive evidence of overwhelming public support. While this might indicate gross naiveté and online marketing incompetence, I suspect that it’s just disingenuous deception.

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Church PR Doesn’t Work

(and there’s nothing they can do about it)



Since its founding in 1953, the Church of Scientology has faced criticism from every quarter imaginable on just about every aspect of its philosophy, its organizations, and its founder. As the decades passed, the criticism evolved in a way that reflected the development of mass media communication. There was more of it, it was reaching more people, and was easily accessible. Then with the advent of the internet, Scientology criticism experienced a quantum leap that caught the Church flat-footed. It was a phenomenon from which they have never fully recovered.

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