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Every time some PR flap blows up in the Church’s face, their reaction and response is both typical and predictable. Regardless of the details or circumstances, their damage control tactics have varied little over the years. However, because of the prolific expansion of internet activity, they’ve added a component to their clunky PR spin machine.

If nothing else, Scientology PR is good at making much out of nothing. Perhaps no better example of this is how they explain surges in their internet traffic. They’d have us believe that this is conclusive evidence of overwhelming public support. While this might indicate gross naiveté and online marketing incompetence, I suspect that it’s just disingenuous deception.

The way the Church celebrates traffic to their org and social media sites, you might get the impression that they equate these visitors as something equivalent to Div 6 walk-in public. Not only would that be a ridiculous notion, the web analytics numbers clearly indicate otherwise.

If you look at the Alexa traffic rankings of some of the individual orgs in major population centers it’s clear that traffic to their main site doesn’t convert to traffic to the orgs worldwide. To put it bluntly, every time Scientology makes the news, curious gawkers flock to the Church’s main website like so many rubberneck drivers passing by a freeway accident. They browse through two or three pages for two or three minutes and then leave.

The Church paints a different scenario. Their press releases imply that visitors come to their website, become enlightened by Hubbard’s wonderful technology, and then contact their local org to buy a book or begin a service. It’s a nice fantasy, but the numbers indicate otherwise. (see below)

Org City Population Alexa Global Alexa Local
COS main site 105,385 US: 23,698
Los Angeles 3.884 mil 4,084,625 US: 947,398
New York 8.406 mil 6,897,140 No Data
Mexico City 8.851 mil 10,082,289 No Data
San Jose 998,357 15,140,644 No Data
London 8.539 mil 18,035,992 No Data
Sydney 4.293 mil 18,035,993 No Data

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  1. Most scientology websites are mindless cloned adspam. The same bland talking heads squeeling about how wonderful everything is, and no pictures of the local org.

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